Last April, the Linden Depot Museum turned 25 years old. In those two and a half decades, they have restored the original building, have a caboose, semaphores, and feature exhibits including trains and circus memorabilia. Events like "Depot Under the Stars", and a "Christmas Open House" take place this fall and winter. John Clare spoke with Vice President Elizabeth Hendrickson about their history, and the 25th Anniversary Steam Engine.

The Fifties Chronicle brings back to life the decade that spawned the Civil Rights Movement, Rock n' Roll and the Space Race. Along with it's written summaries of each year of the decade are numerous photos, in both black and white and color, that document the iconic era. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review. 

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Cities of all sizes have their issues. Large burgs like Indianapolis often have high rates of poverty and homelessness and often not enough services to help those in need. Small municipalities frequently don’t look like inviting places to invest, so they frequently are happy if they’re keeping the lights on and not losing residents.

But this week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, a question from a listener causes us to ponder this question: is the city of Crawfordsville’s population – about 16,000 people – exactly the wrong size? That’s one of our queries for Mayor Todd Barton.

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As we were preparing for this month’s conversation with Purdue President Mitch Daniels, a question came in from a loyal listener. Why, he asked, would Purdue even consider taking the name of Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter off of the business center his $8 million gift to Purdue helped endow, even if Schnatter admits to repeating a racial slur on a conference call with his company’s executives? Wouldn’t that be tantamount to limiting free speech on campus?

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Every year, the federal Summer Food Service Program feeds children in low-income areas whose access to consistent meals can become limited once the school year ends. Food Finders Food Bank in Lafayette has been sponsoring program sites for nine years.

This year, though, they’re trying a different approach - feeding kids at private homes. The pieces are still coming together. 

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One after another, restaurants, businesses and even communities are dropping plastic straws. The immediate goal is to reduce the hundreds of millions of plastic straws estimated to be used in the country each day.

But some people are thinking much bigger, and they’re hopeful the straw movement will lead to an overall reduction in all plastic use.

Danni Schaust: The “Recycling Guru”

"Wade in the Water" is a collection of poems by Tracy K. Smith. Smith is currently serving as the 52nd Poet Laureate of the United States. West Lafayette public library director Nick Schenkel has the review. 


City of Frankfort

The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network has released a survey to gather information, including how residents of Frankfort really feel about Frankfort. On WBAA’s Ask the Mayor, we put Chris McBarnes to the same test.

We also ask about the state of renewable energy in Frankfort, just after a proposal from the state’s power agency to land a solar park in the city. We find out not just the solar power in question, but the project’s power with potential investors as well.

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Tippecanoe County Sheriff candidate Bob Goldsmith pushed Thursday for a mental health program for first responders in his first appearance since his candidacy was confirmed.

Goldsmith has worked in the sheriff’s department for 19 years and says many officers struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, but are taught to compartmentalize those feelings.

The Purdue Summer Band performs at Riehle Plaza this Thursday evening at 6:30pm. WBAA's John Clare spoke to directors Matt Conaway and Jon Sweet about the concert.