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What happens to an alligator that loses its tail?

For most, it’s game over. But not for Mr. Stubbs.

The alligator has a new lease on life thanks in part to 3D-printing technology. It took a team effort by researchers at the CORE Institute in Phoenix and Midwestern University to design a better kind of replacement tail. Before, that required making a mold of an actual alligator’s tail, which was expensive. But now, 3D technology has made it more practical.

People have until Monday to comment on whether ORSANCO — the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission — should give up regulatory power. 

The official death toll from flooding in the Indian state of Kerala spiked to at least 324 people on Friday, and the office of Kerala's chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, said "the rains continue to remain strong."

More than 223,000 people are now being housed in some 1,500 relief camps, Vijayan's office says. Nearly the entire state in southern India is under a red alert.

"Torrential rains have been battering Kerala for the past nine days, causing the worst floods to hit the coastal state in a century," Sushmita Pathak reports from Mumbai for NPR's Newscast unit.

July marks the first time in about seven years the Indiana unemployment rate got worse in two consecutive months. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana’s unemployment rate rose again in July, the second consecutive month the rate worsened. 

Historical Tweets

18 hours ago

Contestants identify famous historical figures based on fictional tweets they might have created in their day. Imagine going back to 140 characters — #gross.

Heard on Awkwafina And Sasha Velour: New York City Queens.

Courtroom Drama

18 hours ago

Grab your gavels! In this audio quiz, contestants listen to clips of popular courtroom scenes from television and film, then identify where they came from.

Heard on Awkwafina And Sasha Velour: New York City Queens.

Awkwafina: 'No Turning Back'

18 hours ago

When Nora Lum chose Awkwafina as her rap name, she was 16 years old, writing music in her childhood bedroom in Forest Hills, Queens in New York. At the time, she was an aspiring concert trumpeter attending the prestigious Laguardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, teaching herself how to produce beats, and writing lyrics to flesh out the songs. Over the next two years, she recorded more than 500 tracks, including "My Vag" — a response to Mickey Avalon's self-aggrandizing "My Dick."

Subject To Dispute

18 hours ago

Contestants are given terms from their school days and must choose the real definition from a list of multiple choice answers. Anybody remember what the powerhouse of a cell is? (Mitochondria.)

Heard on Awkwafina And Sasha Velour: New York City Queens.

Banned Books on the Run

18 hours ago

The lyrics of the Wings song "Band on the Run" are changed to be about books that were once banned, censored or challenged in the United States. It's trivia turned up to 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heard on Awkwafina And Sasha Velour: New York City Queens.