Alcohol Commission Prepares For Final Report

Oct 24, 2017

Members of a panel examining the state’s alcohol laws began to prepare their final recommendations for the General Assembly on Tuesday. With just a few meetings left, some are concerned about the group tackling so much.

There was discussion at the latest meeting about relatively small issues related to alcohol sales, like direct wine shipping and alcohol disposal.

But commission member Terry Bauer says with such a tight timeline the group needs to focus on two big issues – legalizing Sunday sales and allowing certain businesses to sell cold beer.

Three major industries – convenience stores, liquor stores and big box retailers – all have a stake in potential legislation.

Former State Senator Beverly Gard leads the commission, and says she’s confident that dealings between those groups won’t affect the commission’s final report.

"I think it will have more of an effect when the General Assembly considers these recommendations than it will have now," Gard says. "This commission is rather isolated from that."

Those recommendations are due three meetings away, on December 8th.

Gard says every member of the commission will vote on aspects of each issue, and says getting it done will be "a push."