With Another ACA Repeal Effort, Protesters Stay Vigilant

Sep 20, 2017

U.S. Senate Republicans will try once again to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The new legislation would by some estimates cost nearly 500,000 Hoosiers their health care coverage and cut off hundreds of millions in federal funds to the state.

Chris Smalliege has attended numerous events to save health care outside of U.S. Sen. Todd Young’s (R-Ind.) office in Indianapolis over the past few months.

“I mean even Congress is feeling ACA fatigue right now,” Smalliege says. “We all are. We’d like this to end.”

Many people who attended a prayer vigil organized by IndyCAN thought a failed attempt to repeal the ACA in July meant the end. The push comes ahead of Sept. 30, when a special budget rule, allowing a simple majority, expires.

The Congressional Budget Office says the rushed effort means they won’t be able to give a good estimate of the number of people who might lose insurance.

Father Charles Allen with Grace Unlimited says that’s his major concern

“Some people may be uninsured and one of them might be my younger son Christopher, he is a freelance translator and the only way he can do this is because of the ACA,” he says.

The Graham-Cassidy proposal would end ACA mandates, allow states to waive pre-existing conditions requirements and restructure Medicaid coverage based on expansion.

Jerry Hoover says this bill is a lot like others that have failed.

“To keep on churning through this, they vote it down and it comes back up again,” he says. “It’s like wac-a-mole.”

A request for comment from Young wasn’t answered.