Anti-Legalization Advocate To Drug Task Force: 'You Know What The Right Thing To Do Is'

Jun 22, 2016

Credit Jake May /

A Colorado drug-enforcement official and anti-legalization advocate is urging the state to say no to making marijuana legal in Indiana.

Thomas Gorman, Director of the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program, a federally-supported organization that coordinates drug prevention efforts, outlined his group’s stance that legalization has had a negative impact on public health and safety in Colorado. Gorman gave a presentation before the Governor’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement Treatment and Prevention Tuesday.

The report attempts to correlate an increase in DUI citations, and increases in homelessness and crime in Colorado with the legalization there of marijuana. The report also says marijuana use is up in Colorado since it became legal. Gorman finished his presentation by telling the task force "You know what the right thing to do is."

Critics of the agency’s data debate the actual role pot had in these circumstances. For example, the so-called “marijuana-related” car accidents referred to in the report count any time marijuana, which can stay in someone’s body for weeks, shows up in a driver’s toxicology report.

Still, Indianapolis State Senator Jim Merritt hailed the report as a reaffirmation of his own firmly-held belief that marijuana is a gateway drug.

“It does create crime and it is not something we want our children to get mixed up in," Merritt says. 

Still A 2013 Ball State University study, though, finds 52-percent of Hoosiers are in favor of legalization, even though legislative efforts have so far been unsuccessful.