Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis

Sep 4, 2014

The mayor says he hopes the first phase of the State Street renovation can be done in five years, and without too much harm to local businesses.
Credit City of West Lafayette

Some questions for Mayor Dennis:

What’s the latest on the State Street project? I’ve seen little repairs here and there, but nothing that’ll compare to the scope of what the city is planning…

Now that city leaders have voted to become a Class 2 city, you’ve again got to redistrict, but it has to be done quickly, before the November election, right?

I find there’s often a financial motivation for cities when decisions like this are made. Will West Lafayette make so much money in the next year as a second-class city that waiting another four years seems like a giant money loser?

Of course, any time the word “redistricting” enters the vernacular, the word “gerrymandering” can’t be far behind. This isn’t being done on the scale that congressional gerrymandering is regularly done, but how do you avoid drawing any of these lines in such a way that there’s not even an inkling of a political motivation?