Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis

Nov 6, 2014

In this week's Ask The Mayor, WBAA News Director Stan Jastrzebski proposes a Lincoln-Douglas-style series of debates in next year's race and the mayor says he's in.
Credit City of West Lafayette

As he prepares to run for a third term next year, voter turnout has West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis concerned.

Less than a third of registered Tippecanoe County voters cast ballots in this year’s elections – and that number leaves out the one-third of eligible voters who aren’t even registered.

So might a small minority of the county pick next year’s winners?

A lot of this week’s program is spent talking about the ramifications of an election cycle so predictable voters appear to have stopped caring.

Does Mayor Dennis believe municipal races – which mean much more than congressional races – can re-stoke those fires next year? And is that even his job?