Commissioner: More Confidence Needed In Higher Education

Apr 10, 2018


The public’s confidence in higher education needs to improve. That was the message from Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers during this year’s annual address.

Lubbers says despite more students finishing degrees on time, some groups – including people in rural communities – still question its value. She pushed back on that idea.

“It’s a risky proposition to dismiss the value of post-secondary education at a time when more jobs require it,” Lubbers says.

She says colleges and universities must continue to build and engage more students. Her examples included increased access and improved services that connect students with jobs after graduation.

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“And those services need to be provided to older adults, as well as 18- to 22-year-olds,” she says.

Lubbers praised lawmakers and other state officials for their recent focus on workforce development.

She also says more should be done to help low-income, minority, and rural students attend and finish higher education.