Court Date Rescheduled For Accused 13-Year-Old Noblesville School Shooter

Jun 27, 2018

A court hearing for the 13-year old charged in the Noblesville school shooting of his teacher and a student is rescheduled for this fall.

The juvenile hearing is now set for Sept. 10 and 11 in Hamilton Couty Circuit Court, according to the court administrator Wednesday. Last week, the court approved a request from the suspect’s attorneys for more time to review evidence in the case.

The boy is accused of shooting his teacher Jason Seaman three times and student Ella Whistler seven times on May 25 at Noblesville Middle School West.

Whistler remains in the hospital. State law requires the accused teen shooter to be tried as a juvenile.

The accused was scheduled to be in the Circuit Court for a "fact-finding” hearing on June 26 and June 25. The teen is being tried as a juvenile as required by state law.

WFYI is not naming the suspect because he is not charged as an adult.

Those charges would be two felony counts of attempted murder, aggravated battery, battery using a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm on school property.

But, according to Indiana law, since the student is younger than 14 and not charged with murder, he cannot be tried as an adult.