Fishers Passes Anti-RFRA Resolution

Apr 1, 2015

One town councillor says faith -- the subject of the bill -- teaches him to be inclusive, not discriminatory.
Credit Kristina Frazier-Henry /

Fishers is the latest Indiana city to distance itself from the Indiana’s so-called "religious freedom" law.

Fishers‘ all-Republican city council has unanimously approved a resolution drafted by Mayor Scott Fadness affirming the city‘s commitment to diversity as the lifeblood of the entrepreneurial community it‘s seeking to promote.

Council president Pete Peterson says the war over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act threatens to hit cities in the pocketbook.

And Councilman David George says while he doesn‘t believe RFRA itself endorses discrimination, he fears it would lead to court cases that would allow it.

Mayor Fadness says one company which had been planning a new site in Fishers has already pulled the plug on the expansion because of the law.