Governor Candidate John Gregg Names State Rep. Christina Hale As Running Mate

May 25, 2016

Democratic governor candidate John Gregg says Indianapolis State Representative Christina Hale is his pick for lieutenant governor.
Credit Brandon Smith

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg on Wednesday announced State Representative Christina Hale will join him on the ticket in the fall general election.

Christina Hale, of Indianapolis, has focused on addressing sexual assault issues during her two terms in the Indiana House.

Gregg says, if elected, the former Kiwanis International executive will be his right hand, helping run the day-to-day operations of state government. 

He says naming Hale as his running mate was a governing decision, not a political one, and that her gender wasn’t a factor.

“Christina’s record speaks for itself,” Gregg says. “Endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce as well as organized labor.”

Hale says Gregg is an “effective leader,” and someone who shares her commitment to real results.

“Indiana was moving forward until Mike Pence came along,” she says. “Now, of late, we’ve been driven by one man’s ideology.”

In a statement, Governor Pence welcomed Hale to the race and says he looks forward to a “spirited debate.”