Greater Lafayette Hopes Tree-planting Project 'Trail Of Two Cities' Will Bear Fruit

Aug 31, 2017

62 trees, representing a number of different species, will be planted if federal grant money comes through.
Credit Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

Recent years have been both the best of pines and the worst of pines for Greater Lafayette. Both cities have been named a Tree City USA, but bugs have decimated some species. But, not wanting to rest on those laurels, Lafayette’s Urban Forester Tim Detzner came up with the Dickens-named project.

“We should probably apologize to him for that,” Detzner says.

Detzner speaks for the trees, and is the person at the elm of the project of whom we ashed the questions.

“We are planting and identifying trees on both sides of the river to help people learn both about the trees and also there’ll be some signage along the way to help people understand more the benefits that trees provide,” Detzner says.

Detzner is hoping federal grants will pay for the project, but he doesn’t know on what date he’ll palm them. So for right now, it’s a request from his tulips to the federal government’s ears.

He says some trees are more poplar than others, so of the 62 he wants to plant, there’ll of course be some old chestnuts, but also some others designed to spruce up the area.