Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Deadline Nears

Dec 13, 2018


Hoosiers have until midnight Saturday Dec. 15 to sign up for health insurance on the marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act.  Open enrollment on began Nov. 1 for coverage that starts January 2019. 

In recent years, the Trump administration has cut back the enrollment period and the number of people hired to help enrollees.

But Health and Human Services regional director Doug O’Brien says the process has become more user-friendly.

"For example we’ve shortened the application process, it’s not as cumbersome," says O'Brien. "It’s not as time consuming.  We’ve really worked to make sure that the website and the toll-free numbers aren’t going to have those wait times."

This is the first open enrollment since the federal government got rid of the fee for not having insurance. Recent numbers show a decline in enrollment.  O’Brien says this could be because people are happy with what they have.

"So this is a case where if you do like your insurance, you’re going to be able to keep it without doing anything," says O'Brien. 

Plan prices have stabilized somewhat on the marketplace. Nearly 64,000 Hoosiers have signed up so far this period.