Indiana AG expands lawsuit against TWR

Mar 11, 2014

Indiana’s attorney general has amended a lawsuit against a local trash hauler that went out of business earlier this year.

Greg Zoeller is accusing the owners of Tippecanoe Waste Removal of using corporate funds to pay for personal expenses.

He says corporate bank records raised concerns about the actions of Kurt and Melissa Kanable.

The amended lawsuit accuses the two of using customer’s payments for personal expenditures such as child support, student loan payments, and groceries.

Zoeller says 766 customers have filed complaints with his office so far—that up from 318 since the lawsuit was originally filed January 30th.

He says losses reported by consumers total more than 47-thousand dollars.

The lawsuit alleges knowing and intentional violations of Indiana’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and seeks civil penalties of up to 55-hundred dollars per violation.