Indiana Chamber To Renew Sunday Alcohol Sales Debate

Nov 17, 2014

Though it's not one of the Chamber's top priorities, leaders say the group will again push for Indiana to join the rest of the nation in allowing alcohol sales in stores on Sundays.
Credit Wayan Vota /

Hoosiers could get the opportunity to buy alcohol every day of the week as the Indiana Chamber pushes the legislature to allow Sunday alcohol sales. 

Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar says though it’s not a top priority, promoting Sunday sales will be one of the efforts it pushes when the legislature convenes in January. 

House Speaker Brian Bosma says he personally doesn’t have a problem with legalizing Sunday sales, but says it likely won’t have a significant fiscal impact.

“There are those who say it’s going to increase tax revenues by 17-percent – false.  I mean, most Hoosiers are smart enough to buy on Saturday if they need something on Sunday so I don’t think there’s a mass exodus to the liquor stores after church,” Bosma says.

But the Indiana Beverage Retailers Association, which represents liquor stores, isn’t happy the Chamber is backing the potential change.  Association CEO Patrick Tamm says allowing Sunday sales could harm the segment of the industry he represents.