Indiana GOP Demands Apology In Voter Fraud Investigation

Jun 13, 2017

The Indiana Republican Party demanded an apology Tuesday from Democrats who criticized a state investigation into possible voter fraud, after 12 people working for a political action committee were arrested in connection with that investigation.

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer says Democrats unfairly criticized Secretary of State Connie Lawson and Indiana State Police last October, during an investigation of the Indiana Voter Registration Project.

“While Secretary of State Lawson and the Indiana State Police took responsible actions to protect the integrity of the 2016 elections, Indiana Democrats didn’t agree, and attacked with force,” Hupfer says.

That investigation lead to two felony charges for false documentation, though neither is defined as voter fraud, which necessitates intention.

Given these arrests, Hupfer says the reaction of the Indiana Democrats was uncalled for.

“Listen, they jumped the gun. These folks acted inappropriately, and kind of brought a bad name to Connie Lawson and the state police when they were just doing their jobs and doing it appropriately,” Hupfer says.

Though Democrats did criticize the initial investigation, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody condemned the Indiana Voter Registration Project for “wrong-headed behavior” after the charges were filed.

If convicted, the court could fine the Indiana Voter Registration Project $10,000.