Lafayette Couple's Vegas Shootings Prompt Guidance From Indiana State Police

Jun 11, 2014

A police spokesman says he's not sure if Jerad and Amanda Miller were part of a hate group, but the ISP does track such groups.
Credit Steve Baker /

Indiana State Police say the actions of a Lafayette couple who murdered three people in Las Vegas have prompted them to offer more tips to the public about how to spot those people who might be about to commit violence.

Jerad and Amanda Miller had complained to their neighbors of government intrusion into their lives before leaving the area for Nevada. But it was unclear whether they were part of a larger group with malice toward authority.

Indiana State Police spokesman Dave Bursten says his department does have groups like that on its radar.

"There are different levels of organized hate groups," Bursten says. "Many of those have a long history of a propensity toward violence and they are watched on a regular basis."

Still, police in various jurisdictions haven’t said yet whether they believe the Millers may have been members of such a group. Lafayette police say they’re cooperating fully with law enforcement in Las Vegas to learn more about the circumstances which led to the weekend shootings.