Money For Charter Schools Much Less Than Pence Requested

Apr 29, 2015

Credit Indiana Department of Administration

The state legislative session, that has been called the “education session” will end Wednesday and lawmakers plan to give more money to schools through the updated school funding formula. But the money allocated to charter schools is significantly less than what Governor Pence asked for.

Governor Pence made increasing money to charter schools a priority this session. He asked for a $40 million increase for charters.

Currently, charter schools receive state funds but cannot access property tax money, so the governor wanted to increase their per pupil funding.

In the budget proposal released Tuesday, $10 million is allocated for charter schools. High performing charters, those receiving As, Bs or Cs on the state accountability system, are eligible for the money, and those receiving Ds or Fs have to prove their students perform on par or better than students in nearby public schools.

The budget also allows for charter schools to qualify for money to fund buildings, state funds they’ve never had access to. 

Funding for traditional schools also increased under the budget. Lawmakers have until midnight to approve the budget.