National Review Crticizes Teacher Prep Programs In Indiana

Apr 13, 2018

A national report that evaluates teacher prep programs highlights some shortfalls in Indiana, but one education professional says it doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

The National Council for Teacher Quality’s latest update, ranking teacher prep programs across the nation, criticizes some in Indiana for gaps in elementary school math and reading instruction. But Indiana University’s School of Education Dean Terry Mason questions how adequate the data used in the review really is.

“They don’t do the kind of intense, intensive systematic data collection that we do, for example, when we’re accredited,” Mason says.

Mason says a major focus lately is to help all teachers work with students in their classrooms, specifically including those with special needs and English Language Learners.

“We need to do a better job of preparing all teachers to work with students in various special needs categories," Mason says.

He says the review hasn’t had a strong influence on how teacher prep programs evolve, due to it likely using old or inadequate information. Mason says a big push for education schools across the state right now, is to improve the teaching profession’s reputation.