New AG Lynch To Indy Conference: Help Us Work With Minority Communities

Jul 14, 2015

Speaking to a conference of minority police officers in Indianapolis, the Attorney General says Gary will be one of six pilot communities where the Justice Department will work with local law enforcement to reach out to communities with large minority populations.
Credit Eric Bridiers /

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the justice department will rely on local police to help develop trust between minorities and the criminal justice system. Lynch spoke Monday at a law enforcement conference in Indianapolis.

The Justice Department is funding a nearly $5 million initiative aimed at improving relations between law enforcement and minority communities.

That initiative is starting in six pilot communities, including Gary, Indiana.

During a keynote address at The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives’ annual training conference, Lynch said cooperation with local police is key to the program’s success.

“Those of you who patrol the streets know the troubled areas on which we need to focus," Lynch said. "We will be relying on your voice, on your expertise, on your experience and your judgment as we build this initiative.”

The justice department’s initiative comes after a series of controversial police shootings that have sparked a national conversation about race relations.