November unemployment steady for IN, up for region

Dec 21, 2012

Unemployment in Indiana held steady from October to November at 8%, despite a loss of 9,800 jobs last month.

Officials with the Department of Workforce Development say the decline in the number of positions is due mostly to seasonal construction jobs. They say initial jobless claims are at a level not seen since 2005, and the state is doing better than a year ago, when unemployment was 9.1%.

After mostly positive signs in October, unemployment increased in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties last month. Benton County was the one exception, where unemployment held steady at 6.8%.

For the other counties, the jobless rate climbed between 0.5% and 0.9%. Tippecanoe, Clinton and Fountain counties saw the largest increase at 0.9%. Warren County has the lowest unemployment at 6.7%.

Lafayette experienced a 0.6% increase for November to 7.7%. In West Lafayette, unemployment rose 0.9% to 5.6%.

Benton Co.  6.8%, unchanged

Carroll Co.  7.0%, up 0.6%

Clinton Co.  8.0%, up 0.9%

Fountain Co.  8.6%, up 0.9%

Montgomery Co.  8.0%, up 0.5%

Tippecanoe Co.  7.3%, up 0.9%

Warren Co.  6.7%, up 0.7%

White Co.  7.8%, up 0.8%