Psychologist's License Revoked A Year After Guilty Plea In Falsified Mental Evaluation Case

May 11, 2018

Bloomington psychologist Dr. Albert Fink’s license was officially revoked Friday morning.

It’s been almost two years since Bloomington psychologist Albert Fink crashed his car in an attempt, he says, to take his own life because of the grief he felt for falsifying mental evaluations.

There is no evidence indicating Fink practiced at all after being charged in 2016 in Vanderburgh County, but his name remained in a state database of licensed mental health professionals.

Fink had told a court he evaluated Caleb Loving, who pleaded guilty but mentally ill to torching his own apartment and carrying a bomb into a McDonald’s restaurant. But Fink had simply written the papers without ever talking to Loving.

When Fink pled guilty last August, he also agreed to surrender his license.

In front of the Indiana State Psychology Board Friday, Deputy Attorney General Natalie Stidd asserted the board’s authority in the case.

“That’s a statutory thing, that this the board has authority over and criminal courts, while they are free to order such things, doesn’t necessarily make it happen.” Stidd says. “As you know you are the authority that controls the licenses in this state.”

Neither Fink nor his attorney were present for the administrative hearing, but Stidd says all parties agree Fink will lose his license.

“Dr. Fink agreed with his counsel, that his license would be revoked,” Stidd says.

The board voted unanimously to the settlement taking away Fink’s right to practice psychology.