Purdue Galleries 7/5 Gifted Preview

Jul 3, 2017

Elizabeth Erlewine in the WBAA studios
Credit John Clare

Purdue University Galleries latest exhibition is titled GIFTED: Selected Gifts to the Permanent Collection. Running July 5 to August 5, it will highlight works gifted to Purdue Galleries’ permanent collection, including prints, sculpture, and paintings representing a wide range of media, regions, and time periods. WBAA's John Clare spoke with Elizabeth Erlewine about GIFTED.

Find out more about GIFTED here. Purdue University Galleries’ permanent collection holds of over 5,500 works of art. Many of these items come to Purdue as gifts from faculty, alumni, and community members. These gifts are made with the knowledge that Purdue Galleries will care for, preserve, and share these items with students, faculty, and the surrounding community for decades to come.