Purdue investigating racist incident on campus

Sep 21, 2012

Purdue is investigating an incident earlier this week in the Krannert Library.

University police are following up on a racist note that was written on a whiteboard at the library.

Christine Taylor is the Vice Provost for Diversity at Purdue. She says she is saddened the incident, but is not calling it a hate crime. Taylor says while it was racially motivated, no law was broken, so it's classified as a case of "racial bias."

This is the second incident at the university in eight months.  In February, a racist word was written across a photo of Doctor Cornell Bell who is the former director of the Business Opportunity Program.

Purdue acting President Tim Sands is speaking out against those responsible for the incident. You can read his statement HERE.

A forum is scheduled for Tuesday night in Smith Hall to discuss the incident and other race related issues.

Tyrell Connor is the President of Purdue’s Black Graduate Student Association.  He spoke with WBAA's Sam Klemet about the incident and race relations at Purdue.