Purdue Jazz Band Portugal Preview

Mar 9, 2017

Dr. Mo Trout
Credit Purdue University photo/Mark Simons

Dr. Mo Trout leads the Purdue Jazz Band for a study abroad trip over spring break next week. The course allows Purdue students "to experience how American music is received and performed in Portugal." WBAA's John Clare spoke with Mo about the trip.

Learn more about the Purdue Jazz Band here.

The trip to Portugal is designed to "help make the students stronger culturally and musically, and will encourage positive interaction between Purdue students and the people of Portugal." Mo and the group will be visiting the Algarve and Lisbon regions of Portugal.

The Purdue Jazz Band has received numerous awards at collegiate jazz festivals in recent years, including the North Texas Jazz Festival, the Notre Dame Jazz Festival and the Elmhurst Collegiate Jazz Festival. In addition to tours and performances throughout the United States, the band has participated in three European tours since 2000, performing at such prestigious venues as the Montreux, Alpine and North Sea International Jazz Festivals and hosting two study abroad tours, one to Italy in 2008 and another to Central and Eastern Europe in 2011.  In June 2014, a group of Purdue jazz students toured and presented clinics in Colombia, South America. In 2015, the Purdue Jazz Band toured Spain.