Redistricting Commission Debates Panel's Possible Membership Rules

Sep 19, 2016

Credit Brandon Smith / IPBS

Indiana’s redistricting study committee discussed Monday some of the finer details of what redistricting reform would look like.

The study committee’s discussion – and much of the public testimony – focused on the formation, size and makeup of an independent redistricting commission, similar to those in other states.

The Coalition for Redistricting Reform, a private group of reform advocates, brought the committee a detailed plan for creating a nine-member commission. 

“We believe that three members should be affiliated with the Republican, three should be affiliated with the Democrat Party and three shouldn’t be either of those two,” says Julia Vaughn, one of the commission's leaders.

Study committee member discussion considered questions like - who should appoint people to the commission. 

“One thing we might think about is whether or not we would give appointments to the commission to a number of university presidents,” says Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), who chairs the committee.

Torr says he wants the committee to finalize a report and possibly approve recommended legislation at the group’s final meeting next month.