State Offers All Schools Handheld Metal Detectors

Jul 9, 2018

Earlier this year, lawmakers made $35 million available in the common school fund so schools can take out loans to pay for safety upgrades, and set aside more dollars for the state’s school safety grant program.

Now, in a video update shared online, Gov. Eric Holcomb says another way the state wants to make schools safer is by helping control what gets inside.

“The state will provide metal detector wands at no cost to every school that requests them. We will leave it of course, up to the local officials to decide how to best use the devices,” he says.

Holcomb says the Indiana Department of Homeland Security received 390 applications for school safety grants last month, and recommendations from a school safety task force convened last spring will be released soon to help shape future safety measures.

“That report will lead to even more discussion during the next legislative session about topics such as mental health services for students and how to best secure school buildings,” he says.

One handheld metal detector will be available for every 250 students through the new program. Schools have until July 19 to request the metal detectors in order to receive them in mid-August.