Supporters Welcome Pence's Return To Indiana After Election

Nov 10, 2016


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will soon be the sixth Hoosier to serve as the vice president of the United States.

After a long campaign to win that role, Pence returned home to Indianapolis on Thursday Nov. 10. He spoke to a crowd of roughly 300 supporters at the Indianapolis International Airport. Many in the energized crowd waved red and blue pom-poms.

“Pray that we may find our way forward as a nation, that we may renew the American dream,” Pence says to the crowd. “Heal the divisions in our country and move forward to a more prosperous future.”

Shabman Chowdri says she’s honored a vice president calls Indiana home.

“I’m a Hoosier. I’m a Pakistanian Hoosier!” Chowdri says.

She plays a recording of song she she wrote for Trump and Pence. The chorus is “let’s keep the faith, let’s make America great again.”

Pence will continue as Indiana’s governor until Jan. 9. The inauguration for his new role as vice president will be Jan. 20.

Supporter Heidi Pezdek says she will be monitoring him.

“We will all hold him accountable for what they promised,” Pezdek says. “I think that they will see that what he’s done in Indiana, he can do for the nation.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said Gov. Mike Pence will continue as governor until Jan. 20., the day he is expected be inaugurated as vice president. His last day as Indiana’s governor is actually Jan. 9. We regret the error.