Tippecanoe Chamber Music Society 2/28 Concert Preview

Feb 25, 2016

Bassoonist Kara Stolle
Credit from www.tippecanoechambermusic.org

The next concert from the Tippecanoe Chamber Music Society is Sunday afternoon, February 28th, and features music for bassoon and string quartet. On the program is music by Warner, Heiden and Gordon Jacob, as well as a concerto by Antonio Vivaldi. Executive Director Margot Marlatt says it was a dream to make this program happen with her friend and colleague Kara Stolle. WBAA’s John Clare spoke to Marlatt and Stolle about “Wind Swept” in the WBAA studios.

"Wind Swept" takes place Sunday, February 28 at 4:00pm in Purdue University's Fowler Hall. There's more at http://www.tippecanoechambermusic.org/.