IN unemployment rate increases in January

Mar 18, 2013

Indiana added 8,200 private sector jobs in January. The state Department of Workforce Development reports that’s the 19th consecutive month of job growth.

Still, the unemployment rate rose 0.3% to 8.6% for January. Officials say it’s due to more Hoosiers entering the labor force, and a large number of those returning to look for work.

Locally, the jobless rate increased 1.6% in Lafayette, which now has a rate of 9.8%. Unemployment in West Lafayette climbed from 5.6% to 6.3% during January.

The number of Hoosiers looking for a job in January increased in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties as well. The average increase in unemployment for the eight counties is 1.6% for the month.

Benton and Carroll counties experienced a two-point-four percent increase in those seeking a job. They join Fountain and White counties with unemployment of more than 10%.

  • Benton Co, up 2.4% to 10.3%
  • Carroll Co, up 2.4% to 10.4%
  • Clinton Co, up 1.7% to 9.9%
  • Fountain Co, up 1.4% to 10.5%
  • Montgomery Co, up 0.7% to 9.1%
  • Tippecanoe Co, up 1.4% to 9%
  • Warren Co, up 1.9% to 9%
  • White Co, up 1.6% to 10.2%