IN unemployment up slightly for October

Nov 22, 2011

Indiana's unemployment continues to rise, up .1 to 9% for October. The rate rose in September .2% from August.

Indiana and Ohio have the same jobless rate for last month. Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan are at 9.6% or greater.

Lafayette's unemployment rate rose from 8 to 8.2%, while West Lafayette dropped to 5.9%.

The unemployment rates in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties increased from September to October. This after all showed signs of improvement the month before.

Benton County saw the biggest drop in unemployment in September, and now posts the largest increase. October's rate for Benton is 7.7%.

Most other counties experienced a .1% increase, including Fountain, Montgomery and Tippecano counties. Carroll and Warren counties have the lowest rates at 6.9%.