Voter Registration Group Wants Investigation Unsealed

Oct 28, 2016

Patriot Majority USA, the group behind an Indiana voter registration effort currently being investigated by the State Police, wants some records of that investigation unsealed.

More than a month ago, the State Police began investigating the Indiana Voter Registration Project for possible voter fraud.

That came after reports that some registration applications had missing or incorrect information.

The investigation, which spans 56 counties, included a State Police search of the group’s Indianapolis offices. Patriot Majority USA, the group behind the project, accused Republican Governor Mike Pence and the State Police of conducting a partisan attack. The State Police fired back, condemning the allegations as false, offensive and ridiculous.

Now, Patriot Majority wants a court to unseal the search warrant affidavit of its Indianapolis offices. In the filing, the group says it’s been “publicly demonized” by state officials without presenting evidence of any fraud. Through unsealing the affidavit, Patriot Majority wants to force the State Police to reveal any evidence that led to securing the search warrant. The State Police declined to comment.

The Secretary of State’s office encourages Hoosiers to check their voter registration on the state’s website or with their local county clerk.