What's New: Cello

Jul 23, 2016

Alisa Weilerstein
Credit Decca / Harald Hoffmann

Jean-Louis Duport played the cello. The sweetness and beauty of his tone is said to have surprised Voltaire, who supposedly quipped, "Monsieur Duport, you will make me believe in miracles, for I see that you can turn an ox into a nightingale."

We’ll hear from cellists Matt Haimovitz, Jennifer Kloetzel, Caroline Stinson, Kate Dillingham, and Alisa Weilerstein – all could be miracle workers according to Voltaire’s summation – on today’s What’s New!

Jean-Louis Duport
Credit Anonymous

We'll hear music by Steven Stucky, Elena Ruehr, Osvaldo Golijov, Jennifer Higdon, Paul Moravec, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, and Elliott Carter on this episode.

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