World Trade Center Indianapolis Gains Approval, Aims To Aid International Investment

Mar 26, 2018


Indianapolis has received final approval to  headquarter a local chapter of the World Trade Center organization. Following a year-long application and approval process, leaders hope it will expand Indiana’s position in the global market.

The World Trade Center Indianapolis will focus on facilitating trade and investment around the world through connecting businesses wishing to share their products globally.

WTC Indianapolis President Doris Anne Sadler says while the organization will be headquartered in Indianapolis, it plans to help businesses across the state.

“We know from a number of research reports that about 26 percent of companies in Central Indiana alone are interested in getting into international trade, but both real and perceived barriers have kept them from that,” says Sadler.

The group will also work to bring foreign business into Indiana.

“Indiana is a very easy sell," says Sadler. "Although a lot of companies out there, investment companies, foreign, don't exactly know where Indiana is before you start talking to them, once you tell them about the current climate here in terms of cost of living, and our tax structure, and the way our government works, and how progressive we are in going after businesses, they become very interested, very quickly.”

Sadler says she’s hopeful President Donald Trump’s tariff dispute with China doesn’t put a damper on the city and state reaching out to global consumers.

“The big fear of course and what we’ll be watching very closely are any retaliatory efforts by other governments who are pushing back,” says Sadler. 

She says the organization will monitor for any possible negative impacts on Indiana businesses.

Prior to the approval, Indianapolis had been the fourth largest metropolitan area without a WTC designation. The World Trade Center Association is a network of more than 300 businesses and organizations in about 100 countries.