Andrew Muffett

The Opus Group

Frankfort is looking to expand its population to fill industrial jobs Mayor Chris McBarnes is trying to lure to the city. The unemployment rate is around 4-percent, which means there are only about 700 unemployed people in the 16,000-person city – and not all of them are trained to be manufacturers.

McBarnes says if ConAgra, which finished its Frankfort distribution hub earlier this month, exercises its option to build a manufacturing center in the city, it’d require hundreds of workers – but McBarnes admits the city would need to import them.

Ivy Tech opening new instructional site this fall

Jun 24, 2013

Students in the northern counties of Ivy Tech’s Lafayette Region will have more options for taking a class. The community college is opening an instructional center in Morocco.

Andrew Muffett is the site director for it and the downtown Lafayette location. He says they will have four to five classrooms in the Newton County Government Center.

“They are providing the space. Basically, we have a memorandum of understanding of how we use the space,” he says. “Those classrooms are given to us as open space to do the courses at the moment – definitely a low-cost option.”