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Hoosier Children's Health Lags Behind In Kids Count

Jun 13, 2017

Children in Indiana are falling behind in a number of health measures according to the latest data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The 2017 Kids Count Data Book looks at children’s well-being in four areas: family, economics, education and health. In the health category, Indiana fell to 35th in the nation, down four spots.

There was a significant increase in the number of teen and children deaths and an eleven percent increase in the number of homicides and suicides. Indiana Youth Institute President Tammi Silverman says some of those deaths are preventable.

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Indiana has the second-highest percentage in the nation of children who have a parent who’s been incarcerated. A new study shows this can have long lasting effects on a child’s wellness.

According to the National Survey of Children’s Health, 11-percent of Hoosier children have a parent who has been incarcerated.  A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation highlights the impact that time behind bars has on children.

Associate Professor at IU School of Medicine and Riley Hospital for Children Pediatric Dr. Matthew Aalsma, says the report is a valuable tool.

Study: Number Of Hoosier Kids In Poverty Increasing

Jul 21, 2015
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It’s a mixed bag in terms of economic well-being for Indiana’s children. The Hoosier State worsened in two of four areas in the Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2015 KIDS Count report.

In 2013, 30-percent of Hoosier kids’ parents lacked secure employment, compared to 28-percent in 2008. That’s despite the state’s unemployment rate dropping to pre-recession levels.

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The number of Hoosier children in poverty is substantially less than officially reported when all government support programs are accounted for.

That’s according to a new data snapshot released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Twenty-nine percent of Hoosier children live at or under the federal poverty line based on the official U.S. poverty measure.

But a new data snapshot released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation contends that the official U.S. poverty measure doesn’t adequately account for government-sponsored poverty intervention programs.

Report: Indiana Second Highest For Incarcerated Parents

Feb 17, 2015
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Here‘s a sobering figure about school kids with jailed parents in Indiana: The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s new "Kids Count" report says Indiana has more children with parents who are or have been incarcerated than most states.

The report ranks Indiana number two in the nation for jailed parents, trailing only Kentucky.

Oklahoma, Ohio and Michigan round out the top five.

Indiana Youth Institute President and CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz says drug activity, particularly the meth epidemic, may play a large role.

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Research finds 22 percent of Indiana's children are poor, and the problem is even greater in the southern part of the state.

Today, those who advocate for children will discuss approaches to help lift Indiana families out of poverty.

Melissa Fry, director of the Applied Research and Education Center at Indiana University, says after declining in the previous decade, poverty in Southern Indiana rose nearly 60 percent from 2000 to 2010.

Poverty In Indiana: Helping Parents Helps The Kids

Nov 12, 2014
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Young families have a better chance to break the cycle of poverty when there are better-coordinated efforts to help them succeed as a family unit, according to a new Annie E. Casey Foundation report.

The report stresses the need for a "two-generation" approach to policies aimed at lower-income families with young children.

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Indiana children are making strides in education, according to new data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual KIDS Count report.

Indiana ranks 26th nationally in education this year, ahead eight places from 2013.

The rankings are based on several components, such as high school graduation rates and the percentage of children in pre-kindergarten.

One of the major contributing factors to the increase is an 11-percent improvement in the number of students proficient in both 4th grade reading and 8th grade math.

Indiana shows gains, losses in latest Kids Count survey

Jun 24, 2013

Indiana children continue to struggle economically, according to data released today in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s latest Kids Count report.

Twenty-three percent of Hoosier children live below the poverty line.

That continues a downward trend that began in 2005, when Indiana had 17% of children living in poverty.

The Kids Count survey looks at 16 indicators of child well-being across four general areas — economic well-being, family and community, education and health.