GE Plans To Close Bloomington Plant, Cut 300 Jobs

Jun 16, 2016
Rafael Castillo /

GE Appliances announced Wednesday it plans to close a Bloomington plant that employs 329 people. The decision comes after GE says demand for side-by-side refrigerators made at the facility declined 76 percent since 2008.

The closure is subject to negotiations with the union, which could start this week. If GE and the union reach an agreement, the company estimates about 94 percent of the affected employees will be eligible for retirement. All employees will receive a benefits package.

During union negotiations last year, workers asked for stronger plant closing benefits.

Conservative Groups Hope To Use RFRA To Quash Four Cities' LGBT Protections

Feb 3, 2016
Joseph Hren / WFIU

Four Indiana cities are facing a lawsuit challenging LGBT protections in their human rights ordinances.

The complaint alleges the local laws in Bloomington, Columbus, Indianapolis and Carmel violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act lawmakers passed last year.

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop says the city stands behind its human rights ordinance.  

“The people that are suing us, they didn’t tell us, they told the newspaper, so I think it gives you a little bit of insight of what their motives are, but nonetheless, we intend to defend ourselves,” Lienhoop says.

Thanksgiving Cooking Mistakes Can Lead To Plumbing Problems

Nov 25, 2014
Satya Murthy /

As families prepare holiday meals this week, some will make mistakes that could be costly not only for them, but also the city they’re living in.

Every year, President of Mann Plumbing in Bloomington David Mann said he gets some panicked calls the week of Thanksgiving.

With so much cooking going on, some things make their way into the sink that shouldn’t.

“Sometimes the kitchen drains get overloaded especially,” Mann said. “Garbage disposals get overburdened and then they can’t go ahead and grind and drain what is put down through there.”

How The Role Of A School Librarian Is Changing

Oct 6, 2014
Rachel Morello /

Once upon a time, Jaime Burkhart would have been considered a “librarian.”

“My job description title in Monroe County is ‘media specialist’,” Burkhart explains.

As technology finds its way into classrooms, librarians are seeing their roles in schools change.