Tipp Co Cuts Ties With Election Software Company

May 13, 2016
Nathan Gibbs /

Six months before the November general election, the Tippecanoe County Election Board is shopping for a new contractor to provide computer software needed to run the voting system.

The three-member board voted Friday to cancel the county’s contract with Robis Elections, based in Wheaton, Illinois.

A new technology center is open at the Tippecanoe County Public Library in downtown Lafayette.

It’s called The Portal, and includes language learning tools, a video conferencing suite, and a family computing center.

County Librarian Jos Holman says the project was funded in part by donations, with the remainder coming from unused tax revenues.

"It was money that we saved up over the past, I would say, six to eight years, called the 'LIRF Fund' -- Library Improvement Reserve Fund. And so we set aside money and saved that up for the eventual building of this."

A company that provides identity protection services is sifting through the data released by hackers over the holiday weekend and they're detailing what hackers were able to steal from Stratfor, a security think tank.

If you haven't heard, hackers who claim an affiliation with the group Anonymous broke into the servers of Stratfor, made public some data and used some of the stolen credit card numbers to, in some cases, make charitable donations.