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A report from the Indiana Department of Education shows the majority of teachers surveyed support mandatory cursive writing in elementary school.

The survey went out to teachers, superintendents, principals and governing board members.

It was prompted by legislation from State Senator Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg). The survey asked if the person supports or opposes the mandatory instruction of cursive writing.

Courtesy Indiana Senate Republicans

Today on WBAA's Wake-Up Call, we talk to State Senator Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) about her six-year effort to convince Indiana lawmakers to mandate cursive writing be taught in Hoosier schools.

This year, the General Assembly didn't approve Leising's long-sought after mandate.

But it did support her compromise plan requiring the Indiana Department of Education to ask teachers, school administrators and school board members whether they want mandatory instruction of cursive writing.

State Senator Introduces Cursive Writing Bill Again

Feb 19, 2015
Matt Grant /

A State Senator is trying at least once more to get cursive handwriting to be part of the state‘s school curriculum.

Several times, Oldenburg Republican Jean Leising has introduced the cursive writing bill.

And several times it has passed the state Senate, but not received a hearing from House Education Committee Chairman Bob Behning, who thinks the bill is a waste of time.

Leising was planning on skipping the bill this session, but says she changed her mind after surveying her constituents at her website.