An annual report card to assess states’ readiness to face health threats like disease, natural disaster or bioterrorism finds Indiana near the bottom. The state scored three out of 10 in analysis from the Trust for America’s Health.

Indiana scores a three out of 10 on its ability to address a number of health threats. Paul Kuehnert, assistant vice president for programs at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says these threats are very real.

“Whether they are from a unique flu bug, from a bioterrorist threat or from something like a natural disaster,” Kuehnert says.

courtesy Jordan University of Science and Technology

Purdue disease researchers have partnered with a university in the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan on a project searching for infectious disease treatments.

The pact allows easier sharing of faculty between Purdue and the Jordan University of Science and Technology, or JUST.

Falah Shidaifat is the dean of JUST’s veterinary program and says the focus is on more than treating disease in either Indiana or Jordan.

Stan Jastrzebski / Courtesy Andy Mesecar

Even before the first case of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, turned up in Indiana last week, a Purdue team was trying to thwart the disease. Biology professor Andy Mesecar has been studying MERS for about a year. That’s on top of a decade trying to kill a fatal disease which caused a worldwide panic a decade ago.