City of Frankfort

For the third time in two years, a Frankfort police officer has left his post due to bad behavior off the clock. That’s an amount equal to an entire shift of patrolmen under the current scheme. So is it time for stronger words and actions from department leadership?

City of Frankfort

Frankfort Police spent a lot of extra effort interdicting drugs and cracking down on suspected drunk drivers in 2016.

It’s resulted in nearly 50-percent more DUI citations and a rise in drug arrests as well.

So is this the tip of the iceberg or do these numbers represent the start of a solution that gets at the core of both problems?

Gretchen Frazee / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Indiana lawmakers have started a debate over whether a DUI charge should prevent someone from getting a handgun permit.

Sen. Jim Tomes’ (R-Wadesville) bill would remove the phrase “alcohol abuser” from the application.

Tomes says alcohol crimes and applying for a gun permit are unrelated.

“The question, if you have a DUI, I was asking: What does that have to do with obtaining a handgun license?” Tomes says. “If you had a DUI last night and tomorrow you want to get up and buy a firearm, you can buy a firearm. There’s no question about a DUI last night.”