Survey Finds Vaping Up Among Indiana Youth

Aug 24, 2018

The annual Indiana Youth Survey looks at substance use, mental health and other addiction risk factors.  This year’s assessment found a significant increase in use of electronic cigarettes by middle and high schoolers. 

A report released by the U.S. Surgeon General says a growing number young adults are using electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes and many think it’s a public health concern.

The report finds that e-cigarette use has tripled among middle and high school students since 2011. The U.S. Surgeon General calls the rise a public health concern and oncologist and lung expert with Indiana University Health Dr. Nasser Hanna agrees. He says e-cigarettes can contain harmful carcinogens.

Barbara Brosher / Indiana Public Broadcasting

A Marion County judge Thursday rejected a request Thursday to halt Indiana’s new e-liquid regulations that are set to take effect next month. 

The trade group Hoosier Vapers filed a lawsuit last year challenging new rules that dictate how liquids for e-cigarettes can be manufactured in Indiana.

Hoosier Vapers says the law is unconstitutional and the state is overstepping its regulatory authority.

As part of its lawsuit, the group asked for a preliminary injunction that would stop the regulations from going into effect July 1. The judge ruled against them. 

Barbara Brosher / Indiana Public Broadcasting

An Indiana Vaping trade and consumer advocacy group has filed a lawsuit to block a law that is set to take effect next July.

The law, passed this year sets several new regulations for the makers of e-liquids, including one that requires stores that make their own e-liquids to have specific security standards at their place of business.

Hoosier Vapers chairman Evan McMahon says security companies like A-D-T and Siemens have said they cannot meet those needs--and without that security, individual stores will not qualify for the state’s new license standards.

Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA

Youth e-cigarette use is on the rise and state cessation programs are having to adapt their outreach. But, it’s unclear if existing anti-smoking campaigns can keep up with the trend.

In Clinton County, schoolchildren assemble for Red Ribbon Week, where a woman shows them one of the newest “drugs.” The “drug” in question is about the size of a pen, and it’s found increasingly in the hands of schoolkids.

“I’ve seen it at one of my baseball games before in Fishers.”

“And at Walmart, or not Walmart, but at like CVS.”

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Legislation regulating people who manufacture and sell liquids used in e-cigarettes took a step closer to the governor’s desk Tuesday. Its Senate sponsor says the bill tries to find a middle ground in regulating a new industry.

The manufacturing of e-liquids, also called vaping liquids, is largely unregulated by the state.

Legislation approved by the Senate would impose bottling and labeling requirements, including the use of child-proof safety caps, create a licensing system, and require stringent security measures.

Barbara Brosher / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Business owners in Indiana’s vaping industry – making and selling liquids for e-cigarettes – say despite all the work that’s gone into legislation regulating e-liquids, proposed requirements are still too strict.

A Senate committee Wednesday unanimously approved the requirements.

Proposed E-Cigarette Regulations Creating Controversy

Jan 12, 2015
Barbara Harrington / http://www.ipbs.org/

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes grows, Indiana politicians are pushing for tougher regulations at the state level.

Legislators will consider a bill this session aimed at curbing teen use of the products.

The proposal comes shortly after a national survey revealed, for the first time ever, more teens used electronic cigarettes in 2014 than any tobacco products.