July 1 Marks Tax, Fee Increases For Hoosiers

Jun 30, 2017

About 45 tax and fee increases take effect in Indiana July 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

Most of the tax and fee hikes the legislature passed this year are pretty routine, says John Ketzenberger, president of the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute. The exceptions are tied to road funding – chiefly, a 10 cent-per-gallon gas tax hike.

“Gosh,” says Ketzenberger, “It’d been almost 20 years since we raised the fuel taxes, so it is unusual, and we talked about it for a couple of years before we did it.”

City of Frankfort

There are many ways a city raises money or offsets its costs. On this week’s Ask The Mayor, we chat with Frankfort’s Chris McBarnes about a few of them.

Everything from why the city favors a quick jump in its electrical rates instead of a slow phase-in to why changes had to be made to the fees charged to traveling food vendors who come to town for special events.

Judge Approves Overcharging Lawsuit Against Indiana BMV

Oct 13, 2015
Indiana Stan / https://www.flickr.com/photos/photosbystan/2266490604

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles may owe Hoosiers more money.

A judge Monday approved a class-action lawsuit against the BMV and ordered another round of mediation. The agency has admitted to 112 overcharges totaling more than $30 million in recent years.

Indianapolis attorney Irwin Levin – who’s representing plaintiffs in the case -- says the agency needs to repay Hoosiers.

“The BMV will never have integrity until they give people back the money that they overcharged them,” Levin says.

BMV To Issue Refunds For Those Overcharged On Fees

Feb 2, 2015
Gretchen Frazee / WFIU

About 30 thousand Hoosiers will be getting refunds from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the coming weeks. This is in addition to refunds issued last year. 

The refunds will go to Hoosiers overcharged for certain fees, including payments for mobile home titles and for not having proof of insurance…Those refunds are expected to total about 2 million dollars.

BMV officials say they also undercharged thousands of customers, costing the state about 13 million dollars.