Flanner House

Flanner House, an Indianapolis nonprofit, sued Flanner House Elementary School Incorporated for negligence and fraud after it’s school closed in 2014 due to cheating allegations, and those fraud claims were struck down last year. But the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the charter school organizer this week, and said the school’s organizing corporation is immune from the nonprofit’s claims through a state law that protects governing bodies.

Indy Charter School To Close After Cheating On ISTEP

Aug 21, 2014
City of Indianapolis / http://www.indy.gov

Flanner House Elementary, a charter school sponsored by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard’s office, will close after allegations of cheating on ISTEP tests.

Mayor Ballard accepted the decision by Flanner House’s Board of Directors Thursday to surrender its charter and close the school.

The Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation began investigating the school after it showed “extraordinarily high gains” on ISTEP tests in 2013 and 2014.