Great Recession

Annie Ropeik

A Ball State University economic forecast says the United States has fully recovered from the Great Recession and growth is coming.  The annual prediction also shows slow growth in Indiana, especially in the state’s manufacturing sector.

Ball State economist Michael Hicks predicts the national economy will grow by 2.1 percent next year.  Compared to other national forecasts, that’s conservative – some predict up to 2.4 percent growth.

Jason Kuffer /

A Ball State University economist predicts the U.S. economy will grow about 2.2-percent next year. 

The annual forecast is lower than in previous years, but this year’s predictions take into account the inherent trouble with forecasts.

Last year, Ball State economist Michael Hicks predicted the U.S. would grow its gross domestic product – or GDP – by around 2.7-percent.  So did many others. 

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Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business reports the national and global economic struggles are hitting Indiana’s economy.

The school’s 2016 Economic Forecast says the business investment and government sectors are behind, which will contribute to growth next year that’s expected to be a few tenths of a percent below average. IU Economic Analysis Director Tim Slaper says policy uncertainty in Washington also negatively affects economic growth.