gun rights

The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, a newly-formed grassroots organization, hosted pro-gun rallies simultaneously at every state capitol Saturday. 

Pro-gun protesters weren’t allowed onto statehouse property. The gun-friendly statehouse is a gun-free zone with the exception of lawmakers and staff. Protesters instead crowded on a wide sidewalk in front of the steps, listening to lawmakers and advocates.

Gretchen Frazee / Indiana Public Broadcasting

State lawmakers can carry guns in the Statehouse, and they want their staff members to be able to do the same. A Senate committee Wednesday approved a bill that would grant that permission.

It’s a violent world, says Sen. Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville), the author of a bill that would allow staff members, not just lawmakers, to carry handguns in the state capitol building.

Tomes says allowing staff members to defend themselves is especially important, considering what he calls the dangerous area surrounding their workplace in downtown Indianapolis.

Pence Cancels NRA Convention Speech

Apr 9, 2015
Indiana House GOP

Governor Pence has canceled a planned appearance at the National Rifle Association‘s convention. Pence was among a number of Republicans – many of whom have been rumored as 2016 presidential contenders -- who were scheduled to speak at the NRA‘s annual meetings and convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

But Pence communications director Christy Denault says the governor had to cancel so he could attend the funeral of a close friend that is scheduled for Friday, the same day as the NRA‘s Leadership Forum where Pence would have appeared.