Indiana Coalition for Public Education

State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick and two of her predecessors from both political parties will come together Saturday for a public forum on education.

The panel discussion Saturday in Indianapolis tackles a broad topic: “the future of Indiana public education in an era of privatization, declining budgets and increasing expectations”

State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick will be joined by Glenda Ritz and Suellen Reed.

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Education groups are asking legislators not to open a second window to apply for private-school vouchers. The Senate has already voted to extend the voucher deadline to December and let students transfer at midyear.

Vic Smith with the Indiana Coalition for Public Education complains private schools already have an advantage in marketing themselves to prospective students, and says the change would make that edge four-and-a-half months longer.

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An education bill in the Indiana House would expand what parents can do with state-allocated school money.

Right now, parents can use cash that would normally go to a public school for their child’s enrollment and spend it on private school tuition.

Rep. Tim Brown’s (R-Crawfordsville) bill would set up so-called “education savings accounts” to use for textbooks, private tutoring, college tuition savings and home-schooling.

Brown says parents get to choose how the money is spent and the state stays true to the philosophy of “the money follows the child.”

Educators address future of public schools

Sep 14, 2012

Two educators are talking to voters about the impact the upcoming election will have on public schools.

President of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education Vic Smith and former Lafayette School Corporation Superintendent Ed Eiler addressed several issues during a forum Thursday night in West Lafayette.

Smith says public school funding is one of the main issues not only this year, but of the future.