Indiana Retail Council

The head of a special study commission isn’t entirely on board with a recent deal struck between grocery and liquor stores in the ongoing debate over changes to Indiana’s alcohol laws.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers and the Indiana Retail Council, representing liquor stores and grocery stores respectively, have partnered to ask the General Assembly to legalize Sunday alcohol sales.

But they're also pushing against legalizing cold beer sales in convenience stores.

The partnership comes as members of Indiana’s Alcohol Commission prepare their final recommendation for state lawmakers.

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The author of legislation legalizing Sunday alcohol sales declared the bill dead Tuesday after he couldn’t muster enough votes to pass it out of the House.  Groups on either side of the issue are pointing fingers at each other over who’s to blame for its failure:

Proposal would lift Sunday alcohol sales prohibition

Feb 6, 2013

Currently in Indiana, alcohol can only be served ‘in-house’ on Sunday, with a few exceptions. A bill in the House would lift that ban.

Grant Monahan is President of the Indiana Retail Council. His group represents grocery, convenient, and drug stores in the state. He says Indiana’s so called ‘blue laws’ are outdated and legislators should let the free market regulate sales.