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A multi-state study to examine early on-set Alzheimer’s will launch soon, and it’s based at Indiana University’s School of Medicine. The Longitudinal Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease or LEADS, is the first, large scale clinical trial to research the disease.

Dr. Liana Apostolova was joined by co-researchers in Indianapolis this week as the study gets underway. The National Institutes of Health awarded the group $7.6 million to research early onset Alzheimer’s.

IU Research: Biomarkers Could Help Prevent Suicide

Aug 17, 2017

New research helps identify people at risk for suicide using so-called biomarkers in blood tests. The study promotes what’s called precision medicine to help prevent suicide.

Indiana University School of Medicine researcher Alexader Niculescu’s years of research uses biology to determine who is more at risk of dying from suicide. He says it’s really no different then the work cardiologists do to prevent heart attacks.

The Indiana University School of Medicine is getting $25 million from the Lilly Endowment to recruit new scientists to Indiana, and to pair them up directly with big Indiana companies.

Medical school research dean Anantha Shekhar says it aims to fast-track the creation of treatments from discoveries about cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more.

He says new technologies like gene sequencing are facilitating those applications faster than ever.

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Medical resident Braca Cantor is on her lunch break during one of her rotation shifts at St Vincent's in Indianapolis. She’s carrying a cardboard clam of cafeteria food and has her long white doctor’s coat on…which is significant. As a med student, she used to wear a short white coat—“One is like a cocktail dress and the other is like….you’re going to a gala.”

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A new study completed by two Indiana researchers finds a significant link between a certain type of cancer treatment and hearing loss. 

The goal of the study is to improve quality of life for cancer survivors who may have negative side effects from their treatment.

In the largest report of its kind, 488 testicular cancer survivors who received cisplatin-based chemotherapy were studied for levels of hearing loss.

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A diabetes prevention program developed in Central Indiana is the first preventative care program eligible for Medicare expansion. The initiative is now being offered at YMCAs across the country.

The model for the The Diabetes Prevention Program was developed by Dr. David Marrero, a researcher at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Eligibility for Medicare expansion is a win he’s been waiting for.


While Indiana is ahead of the curve when it comes to juvenile justice reform, a new study in the American Journal of Public Health indicates there remains room for improvement.

As part of the study, the stays of more than 25,000 juveniles were examined. Indiana is one of only two states that have implemented mental health screenings in juvenile detention centers.