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Hoosier Islamic leaders are reacting to President Obama's call for American Muslims to help stop the spread of terrorism.

The President says that in the war on ISIS, American Muslim leaders must confront extremist ideology without excuse.

Islamic Society of North America spokesman Edgar Hopida agrees American Muslims must denounce the messages of groups like the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

“One of the things that we should do is continue to legitimize what mainstream Islam is all about and delegitimize what extremist rhetoric is going on,” Hopida says.

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If you think all the news stories about the so-called Islamic State haven’t pervaded the culture in Indiana, both researchers and Muslim leaders say: think again.

Do a quick search on the NPR website for the term ISIS and you get just more than 1,100 results.  Check for the White House’s preferred term ISIL and it’s a scant 200. But search instead for that group’s go-to name, The Islamic State, and the number balloons to more than 8,000 hits – the majority of them in the last 12 months.